St. Patrick's Day 2011

"Maureen's Birthday Party Invitation."

"The adventure begins here."

"Julia's skirt."

"Our Land Yacht."

"Hans - portrait."

"Hans - the other end."


"Joan (detail)."

"The Green Lady."

"Leprechaun Megan."

"Kenny and Karen."


"Julia and Maureen."



"JT and Julia."

"And we're off!"

"Except for music."

"Hans and Debra discussing the situation."

"Back to Chris's to get CDs. Her Cadillac convertible clearly needs a cleaning."

"Once again, we're off!"


"Oops. Was that the 5 second rule or the 10 second rule?"






"Chris being Chris."

"Chris being Chris."


"Jocelyn without her usual smile."