London 2011

"Off to London for a three day visit."

"Hotel 41."

"Hotel 41."

"Hotel 41."

"Hotel 41."

"Hotel 41."

"Hotel 41."

"Hotel 41."

"Hotel 41."

"Dinner at The Library."

"Food was all good. The freshly sliced smoked Scottish and Irish salmon were outstanding."

"Our neighbors across the street on Buckingham Palace Road. They kept their place looking nice, but they seemed to have a lot of visitors."

"Friday. Off to Portobello Road for a spot of shopping."

"Friday. Someone liked the color."

"Hip clothing store on Portobello Road."

"Portobello Road performer."

"Lion King. Finally went to this show. Joining only 50,000,000 others who have seen it."

"Lyceum Theatre. Opened at the Lyceum in London in 1999. There is a rumor that it might finally be closing, though the theater was completely packed the night we were there."

"Lion King. Trailer."

"Lion King. My favorite tune from the show - He Lives in You. End of Hakuna Matata for Simba. I prefer London Mufasa's version, but I could only find the full cast reprise. Big production number. Too bad there are no visuals here."

"Saturday. Shopping for shoes near Covent Garden."

"Denizen showing off her jewelry."

"Perfumes at Penhaligon."

"Monmouth Cafe."

"Alley on the walk to Piccadilly Road."

"Beau Brummel and admirer."

"Wine merchant."

"Wine merchant sign."

"Wodka. Off to dinner with Bob and Danusia Kowalski."

"Wodka. Potato pancakes to start."

"Wodka. Pierogis."

"Wodka. Nalesniki for dessert."

"Sunday. Tate Musuem."

"Sargent painting."

"The Lady of Shallot."

"Image from Mark Wallinger's film Threshhold to the Kingdom."

"Tate a Tate - the Tate Britain to Tate Modern Ferry."

"The Tate Modern Musuem."

"View from the Tate Modern, with the Millenium Bridge in the foreground."

"Better view from the Tate Modern."

"Trees on the walk back from the Tate."

"Off to Harrod's for a bit more shopping."

"On the way back from Harrod's."

"That evening, it was off to the Phoenix for drinks by the fireplace."

"Monday. My favorite model wearing her new outfit."

"That's all, folks!."