Sailing 2014

"The way life should be."

"The ship's company."

"The ship's company about to eat."

"Eye on the lobster about to be eaten."

"Sunday - the day the outboard broke (and got fixed). Departing Rockland, bound for Pulpit Harbor."

"Studious crew member."

"Studious photographer."

"Happy helmswoman."

"Once again, that house on my property."


"After years of training, the girls finally get a chance to do the dishes."

"Photographer doing her part."

"Supervisor hard at work."

"Monday - the day the hot water heater broke."

"Twins in at least one way."

"Waterman Community Center."

"Silent auction at WCC."

"WCC trademark."

"The Skipper's glass."

"Tuesday - the day the hot water heater got fixed. Different pair of twins."

"Marty doing what Marty does."

"Departing Rockland, bound for Cradle Cove."

"Studious crew member again."

"Wednesday - the day of the storm with the big winds."

"Not bad for motor sailing."

"Crew headed in for showers. Why is the skipper staying aboard?"

"Thursday - the day the fresh water pressure failed. Bound for Duck Harbor."

"Friday - the day the gearbox jammed (and got fixed). Local resident."

"Another local resident."

"Duck Harbor Mountain."

"In case you missed it."

"Saturday - the day *nothing* went wrong."

"Activity at the North Haven Casino."

"9.4 knots once again."

"Arriving Rockland again."